R&D @ Samsung Design Europe (SDE)

VD (Visual Display) - Projects under NDA

VD Privacy

Research + Design

Investigate potential privacy concerns of users towards a more evolved smart TV and how we might win such concerns and create reassurance by design.

VD Home Screen Personalisation

Research + Design

Natural interaction study

UX & Interaction design

Investigate new way to interact with the smart TV.

Next VD Platform UX - Structure & Interaction

Research & Emerging trends + Design

Encourage the use of Samsung standby modes by making them more relevant and easy to use. An effortless mode customisation to increase the sense of ownership and personalisation so that the product blends with the user’s lifestyle.

The Modular Wall UX

UX & Interaction design

A whole new platform seamlessly integrated within the home. A device that goes beyond a fixed form or shape with meaningful impact in the living space, providing new audiovisual experiences that go beyond current media consumption patterns.