Physical computing & responsive architecture

“Ouverture Cinétique” is a responsive and kinetic architecture for public spaces that adapts depending on human presence and meteorological conditions

At last reality only exists as a projection of light.
We are distances of light.
All technology is late sun-cult.
(Paul Virilio)

Ouverture Cinétique feels the presence of people and changes its configuration, morphing from an open to a close system. Through a series of choreographed movements the canopy shelters people from rain and strong sunlight. The structure changes its light permeability locally through the polarization of its surfaces activated by rotation, working as a mechanized shadow.

This kinetic canopy is conceived mainly for public squares in sunny countries. The structure enables people to enjoy public urban spaces despite adverse weather conditions. Its modularity and scalability also make it suitable as a large-scale pavilion for an exhibition space.

This project finds inspiration in the kinetic art movement, prolific in Europe in the 1950s and 1960s, and in Bruno Munari’s “Manifesto del Macchinismo” (Milan, 1938 and published in Arte concreta, 1952).

A project (idea, design, making and electronics) by Angelisa Scalera

Project duration: 2 months

Video soundtrack: Michele Tadini
Thanks to David Gauthier, CIID faculty, Finn, Michele Tadini, Cesare Griffa, mio padre.