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Automatic Orchestra is an audio installation exploring algorithmic composition and networked music


Next-Gen Orchestra Makes Wild Music With Algorithms by WIRED

This "Automatic Orchestra" Organism Plays Networked Music by Vice

This "Automatic Orchestra" Organism Plays Networked Music by The Creators Project

Automatic Orchestra – Algorithmic sound composition and networked music by creativeapplications

This Orchestra Is Performed By Machines by electronic beats

A common set of rules distributed among a network of MIDI devices opens up a melodic space orchestrated by automatic logic and the artist’s vision. The perpetual interaction among the devices and the interpretation of encoded musical messages blurs the distinctiveness between structured composition and performative improvisation.

Overall the setup consists of 12 pods. One pod consists of a microcontroller mounted on a custom PCB board which is attached to a set of speakers. All pods are wired together to form a circular network transmitting musical data. Therefore the data travels through each unit before it is passed on to its neighbor. The synthesis of the audio parameters depends on the application running on each pod. A shared framework provides a synchronized basis for the exchange of encoded musical messages but each pod will interpret and alter the data based on its individual algorithmic rule set.

Automatic Orchestra performance at Resonate 2015 conference

The pro­ject was first pre­sented at the Res­onate con­fer­ence in Bel­grade, Ser­bia. Al­go­rith­mic com­po­si­tions were de­vel­oped in situ at the con­fer­ence in a three-day closed work­shop where vis­i­tors were in­vited to ob­serve the de­vel­op­ment process and en­gage with the artists. The work­shop ended in a 10 minute-long per­for­mance. Af­ter­wards the in­stal­la­tion was pre­sented in the en­trance hall of the con­fer­ence.


Dennis P. Paul
Jakob Bak
Angelisa Scalera
David Beermann
Hendrik Heuer
Irena Kukric
Julian Hespenheide
Thomas Hoheisel